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Erika Kovalik graduated at the Franz Liszt University of Music in Budapest as clarinettist and music teacher. Her first singing teachers were Lujza Németh, in the Weiner Leó Conservatory Júlia Bikfalvy, Gábor Jelinek and Kornélia Bakos.
In 2005 she qualified for the final of the Dal-ViaDal International Singing Competition. She is a member of the Chagall Klezmer Band, and permanent soloist of Tutta Forza Orchestra.
Master courses: Crescendo con Spirito Summer Academy, Katalin Pitti, Gábor Jelinek, Zita Váradi.
Outside Hungary she perfomed both as a solo singer and as an orchestral musician in Germany, Austria, Italy, Rome-Vatican and Switzerland.
Currently she is a solo singer at the Choir of the Downtown Parish Church Budapest, a member of the Purcell Choir and a permanent soloist at the organ concerts of St. Stephen’s Basilica and St. Michael Church.
contact: +36208232095 +36208248564
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