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Gábor Szotyori Nagy commenced his studies of organ at the age of 14 with István Koloss, Hungarian composer and organist. From the age of 16 continued his studies at the Conservatory King St. Stephen. His teacher was László Deák.
He was graduated at the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen, Hungary in 2011. His teachers were dr. Dezső Karasszon, Szilárd Kovács and dr. Dobiné dr. Hedvig Jakab.
He was an active student of the György Gulyás Collegium at the University of Debrecen since 2009. He gained the scholarship granted by the Republic of Hungary for 2010/2011.
Between 1997 and 2010 he was the organist of the Calvinist Church of Göd, Hungary where he had been organizing concert series as well since his age of 22. Now he is organist and répétiteur in the Parish Church of Budapest and Calvinist Church-Kispest.
He participated in several master courses in Hungary like those of Prof. Miklós Spányi, Christoph Bossert, Gergely Bogányi (piano) and Zsigmond Szatmáry.
He has been awarded with the first prize in the National Organ Festival of Szeged, Hungary in 2008. In October 2009 and in May 2010, he participated in the International Organ Competition of Mondaino, Italy and Salerno-Faiano, Italy awarded with the third prize in both. In 2013 he has been qualifier of the semifinal on the world famous International Organ Competition in Toulouse.
Gábor Szotyori Nagy has performed in several concerts throughout Europe among others in Austria, Germany, Latvia, France, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Romania and Switzerland.
Although he is an expert of Franz Liszt, his repertoire includes baroque, romantic and contemporary organ works. In the year of 2011, in connection with the Liszt bicentenary, he set Liszt complete organ works in his repertoire.

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