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She was born in 1975 in Budapest. Her father is István Koloss organist - composer, the senior organist of the Budapest St. Stephan Basilica. She started her cello studies at the age of five in the class of Ferenc Balla. When she was nine, she got second price at the Antal Friss National Cello Competition. In 1991, she got into the Leo Weiner Conservatory of Music, her teacher was Mr. Balla continuously.

She started studies at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in 1995, in prof. Istvan Csurgay's class. In 1997, prof. Mag. Stefan Kropfitsch invited her to the Joesph Haydn College, so she studied in Austria until 1999. She got her degree wiht excellence in 2001 at the Music Academy in Budapest. Until this tume she participated Cs. Onczay's and M. Rostropovich's master classes and had tours with orchestras around Europe.

She played in the Old Buda Danubia Symphonic Orchestra, Dohnanyi Symphonic Orchestra, the Wiennese Pro Arte Orchestra, the Wiener Jeunesse Orchestra, after, from 1999 played in the Budapest Strauss Orchestra and T-Com Symphonic Orchestra.

She gets very successfull performances with her father regularly, among others in Genf, Stuttgart, Wien and of course in Budapest. Besides Europe she visited many countries with her cello, for example Switzerland, Russia, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

She works with Edvin Marton violinist. Until 2007, she played in three studio albums of him. Beyond her classical art, she is well-known perticipant of the hungarian pop music life: she plays in the Monte Carlo Orchestra and the public can hear her playing on the reconrings of Csilla Auth, Balazs Havasi and the Bon-Bon Group.

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