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Born in 1965 in a small town near Budapest, in Szentendre.After finishing the Secondary School of Music in Budapest, he continued his studies at the Music Arts College, where hr received his Diploma of Trumpet Artist. He studied Ancient Music at the Royal Conservatory of Hague in Netherland. His master were: P. Masseurs, S. williams, Fr. Bruggen, S. Kuijken, J. Ogg.Presently he performs and records CD’s as a soloist and chamber musucuan with a variety of ancient music orchestras.Since 1989 as member of the Pro Arte Serenissima Chamber Orchestra (Italy), he performs in European countries such as Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, England and also Israel, Argentina and Brazil.In 1989 he is guest soloist of Edward H. Tarr’s compact disc recording of „The Emperor’s Trumpet” (Editio Christophorus).Since 1990 he has been recording and performing with the Ancient Music Orchestras Capella Savaria and Concerto Armonico.1991: Creates and leads the Sonatores Pannoniae.He lecture ont the „history of musical instruments” at the National Museum of Hungary, and participate as soloist concerts directed by Agostina Bortot, organist italian.1992 soloist of the musical programs of the World’s Fair of Sevilla in Spain.1993: Borsódy starts a Europe round tour performing as a soloist in concerts II. Brandenburg of J.S. Bach.1994: soloist with the Budapest Festival Orchestra directed by Ivan Fischer. His interpretation of Concert of II. Brandenburg (J.S. Bach) are very famous.1996: Cd recording with Hungaroton Classica: Telemann – Solo cantatas.1997: On concerts tour in Brazil and Argentina and teaching in Buanos Aires the technics of barock trumpet.With the Sonatores Pannoniae they have released their own CDs with Hungaroton, the first in 2003 (C. Gussago ) and second in 2004 (P. Lappi – Canzonas)In 2004 he was given the Bálint Balassi Memorial Award of the Hungarian Ministry of National Cultural Heritage.In 2011 he performed an acclaimed concert and hold master class in the festival of Campos de Jordao, in Brazil.

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