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Zsuzsanna Gion started her musical studies at the age of seven in Weiner Leó Music School, in Budapest. After her high school years, she studied at the Faculty of Music at Berzsenyi Dániel College in Szombathely and earned a degree in Music and Church Music. During her college years, she was a regular performer at the concert series of the Faculty of Music called 'Hangműhely'.

In 2005, she received a special award at the private singing competition of the Art Section of the National Scientific Student Conference for the outstanding interpretation of contemporary music.

She took part in the Art Days of Bükk and in the Master Courses of Zita Váradi, Walter Moore and Katalin Pitti - Liszt prize awarded opera singer.

In 2010 she took part in the great international concert series: 'Liszt's church music in Rome', where she was soloist in Liszt's Missa Choralis in San Ignazio Church, Rome. On 15. november the complete choir performed the Vatican Version of Liszt's Missa Solemnis. This was the first performance in San Pietro Basilica of Vatican.

Since 2011 she is regular performer at oratorical concerts, aria and opera evenings.

Currently she is a solo singer at the Choir of the Downtown Parish Church in Budapest, a permanent singer at the organ concerts of the Saint Stephen's Basilica in Budapest.

Concerts in abroad: Switzerland, Italy, Serbia, Austria and Transsylvania.

contact: musica.mundi.agency@gmail.com +36208232095 +36208248564
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